Curriculum Education in Indonesia

Education in Indonesia, lately so crowded because of the enactment of the Education Unit Level Curriculum (Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan /KTSP) . Curriculum SBC was forced to be applied in Indonesia today. Many schools are overwhelmed, both public and private schools.

Marked the era of free market globalization consequences inevitably will occur the quality of competition between nations, both the quality of Human Resources (HR) and its products. Consequently, who is more qualified then he will be more advanced and able to maintain its existence.
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Introduction to the Theory of Gestalt

At first, learning theories developed by psychologists and tested directly on humans are not at school but uses animal testing. They assume that the results of the experiments will be applied to the human learning process for the school.
Accordingly, the activities tend to learn in the know as a psychological process, occurring within a person. It is therefore difficult to know exactly how it happened, because the process is so complex it timbulah learning theories.
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