3 Winning Tips To Write Google Adwords Ads That Work

Of all the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platforms on the net, so far Google Adwords is the most well-known and successful. If we had to choose one thing to be able to do well when it came to advertising, that one thing would be writing excellent advertising copy. If you’re looking to improve your PPC performance, then hang-on because we have three great Adwords ad copywriting tips we feel can help you improve your ROI.

Always remember that your Adwords ad copy, and all PPC ad copy, must talk to the reader in terms of specific benefits. Never use any kind of template for your PPC ads because it’s just a recipe for dismal results. All PPC ads are trying to speak to a specific group of people, the particular target market, and so your ads are your first vehicle to do that with. So if you use generally written copy across all ad groups, then your Google Adwords Quality Score will probably decrease. As an example, you’re promoting your shirt business, and of course there all kinds of shirts: short sleeve, long sleeve, formal, informal, button, pull-overs, etc. You should have a set of keywords ready for each type of shirt that you will be selling and then proceed to write effective ads for each of those sets. Fine, you say, so what’s a PPC advertiser to do, then? You should have multiple ad groups for these keyword sets so that you know what kind of copy needs to be written for each ad group. First, this is what Google wants you to do, and if you don’t then you will receive penalties in the form of a low quality score. Each product, or service, always has one or two strong benefits, and that is what you must include in your ads. The best approach is to study other PPC ads, and you can also look-up how to write good classified ads. You should also try to show the benefit your customer would be deriving after buying your product. So first, sit down and figure out all the benefits your product has to offer, or your service. Your ad’s copy must be able to highlight your selling proposition. How well you can confer your uniqueness and advantage over your competitors will affect your results. Your readers should read your benefits, and it must make them feel that only you have what they’re looking for.

One technique that can work very well is to ask a compelling question in your copy or headline. We know you know what we’re talking about because just about everyone has used this precise technique in their lives. However, don’t make your questions too confusing; just keep them simple and to the point because with AdWords, you don’t get a lot of space to play around with.

You can write more effective Adwords ads that will perform better for you, but the key is increased knowledge and more experience. The more ads you write and study, the better will be youir belief in yourself, and that is very important to your success.

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