How to Get High Website Traffic Ranking Through Article Marketing

Making money from internet marketing is not as easy as the gurus tell you, not if you don’t want to spend money at first anyway. For you to be able to do anything marketing related you need to create traffic and lots of it.

You can bring traffic through a variety of ways out of which only a few actually are worth the effort. Article marketing has been and continues to be the most powerful way of bringing a good web site traffic ranking.

Article marketing is such a powerful tool because:

  1. Writing articles in your niche will not only improve your credibility with your clients but you will also get excellent web site traffic ranking. Having written and published many articles, you may also get authority status and therefore, more traffic and hopefully more sales.
  2. So we now see that article marketing, if done properly can get you very high up in the web site traffic ranking. You can either write the articles yourself if you have knowledge in the field or you could hire a ghostwriter to write for you. Submitting the same articles to many article directories may not do you much good as search engines do not index multiple copies of the same content and the links that you attach to your articles will not help your link popularity. Instead, try to modify your already created articles so that they appear unique and then submit them to the directories.
  3. Take advantage of the viral power of the articles that you submit to article directories by customizing your bio box with a teaser that will get people intrigued and also adding your website URL. When your articles get published elsewhere, then they will then hopefully send you visitors.
  4. Unlike paid traffic getting techniques, article marketing will get you much greater benefits in the long run. Even if you start your business with paid traffic, it is still a good idea to do article marketing if you plan to grow your business. A single article submitter on an article directory has the potential of bringing in thousands of inbound links that would get you high up in the web site traffic rankings.
  5. By writing good quality articles and posting them on your site, the search engines will index your website and then if you submit keyword rich articles to article directories this will make your website more visible to people searching for information using those keywords in your niche.

It’s easy to imagine the kind of web site traffic ranking article marketing could create. Create value and make money while doing it-great stuff!

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