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Almost all people suffer from gum disease at least once in their life. It has been said that about 90% suffer from this condition because of neglect. This could be dangerous as it can get worst as time passes by leading to bigger problems. If not handled well, it could lead to swollen gums, ulcers, and bleeding gums. Based on certain studies, there are just some people who are not aware of gum disease. Although they are aware of this condition, they don’t take action to prevent this problem.

Caring for this can prevent other health conditions like stroke and other disease. There are simple things that you can do to lessen the risk of different conditions like blood clotting, heart disease and strokes. It is a good idea to read about gum disease. You would know the causes of the problem and the methods to prevent them. Firstly we should understand that oral hygiene is must and we should follow the best methods to take care of our teeth and gums. Oral hygiene is very important and proper caring for teeth and gums is a must. It involves dental check ups, brushing regularly and using dental floss. Following various articles, papers and dental information updates will help you to be update in order to prevent this condition. There are varieties of causes for gum disease which affect our gums daily inviting this condition.

There are several factors that include: Factors leading to this include:

Smoking is one of the main causes and though most of us are aware that it is injurious to health, still continues to smoke. Aside from gum disease, this could lead to lung and heart problems. It generates plaque on the teeth and restricts the flow of blood to our gums. Stress is another big reason since our body finds it difficult to fight against infections for during which gum disease can be the by-product of this. This condition can be triggered by contributory factors. Due to the sugar changes happening in the blood, Diabetes can lead to gum disease. There are several hormonal related issues that could lead to gum disease

According to research, genes are also the cause of gum disease. Some modern medicines are also known to cause or have an impact on our oral hygiene. Drugs like Oral contraceptives and anti-depressants cause decolourisation of gums. One’s diet can also lead to this problem. Examples include sugar drinks and carbonated food caused bacteria plaque.

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