TITLESTART:: Social Anxiety Disorder – Who Suffers From Them

Social Anxiety Disorder involves overwhelming anxiety and unnecessary self consciousness in everyday social happenings.

People with social anxiety have a constant, intense and sometimes chronic fear of being watched and/or judged by other people and being embarrased and/or offended by theirconduct. Their fear may be so severe that it is affecting with work or school and other normal activities. Many people with social anxiety disorder are anxious by writing or eating in front of others and haveconstant ongoing fear of public identification or anything that attracts attention to them such as making speeches or reading out loud.

Although many people with anxiety recognize that their fear of being around people may be overdone and absurd, they are unable to eliminate or overcome it. They regularly worries for days or weeksin the forefront of a terrible situation or event and therefore prepare themselves for, what they believe to be,inevitable anxiety.

Social anxiety disorder can be limited to only one situation – such as fear of speaking in a formal or informal situations, or eating, drinking or writing in front of others, or in its most severe form may be so extensive that a person experiences symptoms almostat all times they are near other people.

Social anxiety disorder can be very debilitating – it may even keep people from going to work or school on some days. Many people with social anxiety have a hard time making and keeping friends.

How common is Social Anxiety Disorder?

Very common indeed! In fact, it is my experience that most anxiety and panic sufferers demonstrate signs of social anxiety disorder too. Social anxiety disorder is more generally known in young people as theygrow up and enter adult life.There is also a strongcorrelation between social anxiety and agoraphobia and sufferers find that the action of evading social situations creates an agoraphobic reaction to those locations.

Who does Social Anxiety Disorder affect?

Social anxiety disorder can disturb anyone of any age or sex. It is approximated that around seven million Americans have social anxiety disorder and this number is echoed around the planet.

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