Benefits of Teacher Certification in Indonesia

Principles of Teacher Certification

The following principles in teacher certification:.
a) Carried out in an objective, transparent, and accountable.
b) Leads on improving the quality of national education through improved teacher competence and keseahteraan.
c) Conducted according to regulations and legislation.
d) Carried out in a planned and systematic.
e) Number of participants of certification set by the government.

Benefits of Teacher Certification

Teacher certification aims to:
a) determining the eligibility of teachers in carrying out duties as an agent of learning and achieve national education goals.
b) improve the process and the quality of educational outcomes.
c) enhance the dignity of teachers.
d) increase the professionalism of teachers
The benefits of teacher certification can be detailed as follows:
a) Protecting the profession of teacher practices that are not competent, which can damage the image of the teaching profession.
b) Protect the public from educational practices that are not qualified and unprofessional.
c) Improve the welfare of teachers

Implementing Teacher Certification

UUGD Article 11 paragraph (2) stated that the certification was held by a college educator who has a procurement program that is accredited educational staff and determined by the Government. Thus the teacher certification held by LPTKs (Institute for Teachers and Education Personnel) are accredited and designated by the Minister of National Education.
Assessment of teachers who follow the certification made ??by the assessors. Which to select and set a college organizer assessors are certified teachers. The task is to assess teacher competency assessors in accordance with a predetermined standard of competence. Which sets the assessor is appointed rector of the college as the executor of certification.