Corroboration of God – Does God Exist – Attestation For God

Atheists refuse to acknowledge the argument of God as long as they endure closed minded and deny the attestation even though it is staring them in the face. Time and again I get the subject so what corroboration is there and I merely say what documentation you want. Now if an atheist is trustworthy and logical he will ask for something specific or reflective but regularly the new stupid atheists will say “I want Him to write in the sky” or “I want to see Him” This has got to be the most cockeyed statement I have heard, not only will God destroy the atheist in his wickedness on account of is Holy and cannot dwell in the presence of criminals but to ask for Him to write in the sky, which we say He has at present done through creation, we find His fingerprints right through creation that surrounds us.

almost of the time the atheist would not have even thought about what information he requires, he is purely denying and hating God on account of he suppresses the certainty about God even though he really knows that a Righteous and Holy God exists. The reason why the atheist battles against God is on the grounds that he hates God and wants to live his life the way he wants and does not want a God to dictate how he should endure. The standard atheists is disobedient to the God that created him on account of he admires his sin, that is the bottom line and the reason why an atheists asks for information of something he already knows to be true.

Here is some great Proof of God that you will find convincing if you have an open mind,

This is the biggest question Does God Exist that is the question,

Here is some great Evidence For God that you will find convincing if you have an open mind