Evidence of God – The Highest data of Creation

The book titled the towering confirmation of creation is one of the best books I have read in regards to refuting atheists and evolutionists. Not only does it address the problem of the competing worldviews and their outset narrowmindedness of the documentation that both sides have it also looks at about 5o letters that were sent in and responded to by the author of the book ultimate confirmation of creation.

It is an amazing book that really points out the flaws and logical fallacies that atheists and evolutionists use to try and convince and you that evolution is a fact. This book utterly decimates the evolutionary worldview and leaves them standing with no real place for defense.

The book does not look at documentation for or against evolution but takes the issue straight to the heart of the matter and that is competing worldviews that are opposed to each other. It looks at what is the best worldview that explains such things as logic or the scientific method and that the atheists or evolutionary worldview cannot account for these concepts, thus the creation worldview can. This is really good to stop the atheists and evolutionists dead in their tracks they can no longer use the laws of logic to even begin to argue with you and the scientific method is no longer supported by their worldview. This approach leaves them with no real place of appeal and leaves them standing with a really pathetic and inadequate worldview.

I would highly recommend this book as a real eye opener to those atheists and evolutionists that have an open mind and are open to the occurrence that the bible still stands true today as it has in history.