How to Avoid Pesky Calls with Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Reverse phone lookup service can help people avoiding errant telemarketing calls. A lot of people are really tired of the endless marketing calls from telemarketers who try to sell you a credit card, auto loans, home loans or an insurance policy or even a new talk time plan for your cell phone connection. The worst part of these calls are they are normally received at a time when you are spending time with your family after a long hard day work or are about to sit for either lunch or dinner with your family. Even the national do not disturb call list has not deterred pesky telemarketers from calling people round the clock trying to sell something or the other.

But some people who were completely sick of receiving these marketing calls and after trying out various other methods of keeping these marketing calls at bay have come up with an innovative idea. So, what is that? The answer is in using a reverse phone lookup service. These people do not answer a call the first time they receive it. They let the phone number appear on the caller ID of their cell phones or land line phones and then they immediately log on to the internet, go to their favorite reverse phone lookup service or reverse cell phone lookup service and enter the phone number from where they just received the call.

By doing this they immediately get to know if the call was from someone they know or some company they had contacted or if the call was from a marketing company. This is possible because internet based reverse phone lookup services allow you to check for the name and address of the owner of a phone number. You just have to enter the phone number in their search box and click search. Within seconds you get complete information on who is the owner of the number, the complete postal address of the person or company and few other details.

This enables people to filter out unwanted calls and only call back those numbers that they know or those numbers which they feel are important. Reverse phone lookup services have come as a boon for people and families completely sick and tired of unwanted and unsolicited phone calls. It has also helped people get addresses and other details of a person or organization via their cell phone numbers. In fact not just individuals or families, but the main users of reverse phone lookup and reverse cell phone lookup services are the big companies and organizations.

It has been proven by various studies and surveys that most companies lose productivity and efficiency because of answering too many calls that are not related to their business at all. Marketing calls take up a considerable part of a person’s time in the office and companies are doing everything to make sure that their employees are free from answering unwanted calls and can concentrate completely at the work in hand.

You can also catch the cheaters who were presenting themselves as an affiliate or agent of a reputed company and trying to sell product or service to you. By doing reverse phone lookup service, you will immediately know if the person was a genuine seller or fake.

This is one of the main reasons why reverse phone lookup services have been so popular with companies all across America and Canada. It is also getting popularity in Europe. In fact most companies have now made it mandatory for their staff to do reverse phone lookup first regarding a fixed or a cell phone number before calling that number back. This has resulted in much better efficiency and also avoided frustration when employees have to answer unsolicited phone calls again and again.

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