Is your dog urinating in the house? This proven method will stop that behavior quick.

Nothing is more frustrating than having a family member peeing in the middle of your family room. Unless of course it is your brand new baby. But, the family member I am referring to is you best friend, your favorite pooch, your dear doggy. I know from personal experience that this behavior can be real aggravating.

There are two types of issues when your dog urinates in the house. The first problem is indicated by finding large pools of urine. The reason this almost always happens is that one, the dog is not yet potty trained or two, the dog needed to go out and was unable to. The second issue is indicated by finding small amounts of urine in different spots. The reason this happens is because the dog is uncomfortable. We will explore both cases more below.

If your dog isn’t potty trained I can refer you to several sources of great information. Many people have written great articles about accomplishing this rather large feat. But, I like this site for some of the easiest methods to House Train a Puppy. The trick to training your dog to do something is to maintain consistency. Create a schedule and adhere to it no matter what.

If your dog is urinating in the house because he/she cannot get outside there are several ways to solve this. First, if your dog comes to you and starts whining, there is a reason. In almost all cases the dog knows he/she should urinate outside. The problem is that he/she cannot get outside. I would recommend listening to your dog and putting it out or installing a doggy door. Implementing these two simple steps should resolve this problem fast. The tricky thing will be to get the dog to know and feel free to use the door. But, with a little patience and persistence the dog can be trained. This site is fantastic for Dog Training.

The small amounts of urine you are finding in your house; normally on vertical surfaces like door jams, table legs or furniture is a symptom of a dog marking it’s territory. So you ask, why does a dog mark it’s territory? The simple answer is that your dog is possessive of you, your family and the property it sees on a daily basis. This loyalty can be an extremely strong feeling; especially if you have raised the dog since a pup in the same house. The homeowner will normally encounter this spotting when something new has been introduced to the dog’s environment like a new couch or table. A dog will also mark territory when a new dog or other pet is brought into the house. It is best for the pet’s health to limit the change he or she encounters. This site is fantastic for giving you all the Dog Information you ever need.

The solutions discussed above will assist you in obtaining a happy household where your best friend isn’t urinating in the middle of the kitchen or family room. From the instance you implement these fixes, your dog and you will be on much more friendly terms. Don’t blame your dog for normal behavior work with him or her to ease change and the negative feelings he or she encounters.

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