MAD MEN Finale Season 4 Episode 13 FULL VIDEO

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! As you have heard, Mad Men is soon to end with the finale of Season 4 So sad, I know you guys wants more! But, still good because we have the chance to watch the full video below. Just click the link below. No one will disagree if I will say this TV show is very great!

Are you joking you in saying don’t want to watch the finale? Oh, you will lose everything! Make a decision now! This show is just very amazing, you better watch it now!


In honor of the Mad men finale, you should “Mad Men-ize” your office. Now this will be risky, as your boss and colleagues might not be amused. Here’re some tips to get you started…

Bring at least a fifth of scotch and some rocks glasses to work. Place these in your bottom desk drawer or file cabinet. Wait at least until 10:00 a.m. to have your first drink. Remember, ice is for sissies. Leave the bottle and glasses out in case a co-worker stops by. Buy a carton of Marlboros or even better, something unfiltered. Light up and offer the pack around to your cube mates. Try this phrase on your administrative assistant, “Honey, bring me my coffee and go order some flowers for my wife.” Call your admin. “Kitten,” even if he’s a guy. Oh, if you try the above and you get sent to HR, I’d use an old soap opera trick and pretend amnesia.

The Mad Men season finale had to do a lot to top the last few weeks, considering how the Mad Men season finale had been set up. Since the Mad Men season finale came after Dick Whitman had been exposed, after Betty wanted a divorce, after Sterling Cooper got put back on the market, and even after JFK’s death, Mad Men fans wondered what could be left. But the Mad Men season finale came during a season where the era of Don Draper withered and died at home, work and in society at large. So Sterling Cooper, another symbol of that dying era, is now all but dead with it, to give way to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and a new Mad Men world.

I didn’t start watching Mad Men until the 2nd season, so I’m glad I’ve been able to recently catch the show from the beginning. I was all prepared to not to like the show, mainly because the 60’s portrayal of women in subservient secretary roles offends my feminist side. But, if you haven’t seen it, give it a try. I think it’s one of the best-written shows on TV.

The Mad Men season finale was another case of how fans must pay attention to every little thing, because it will pay off big later – no matter how long it takes. The latest sale of Sterling Cooper, which hadn’t been mentioned in two weeks, was now the centerpiece of the finale. McCann-Erickson, the firm which memorably tried to woo Don and Betty in Season One’s “Shoot” three years ago, was the buyer, to Don’s disgust.

But although Don hated to sign a contract with the company several weeks back, it was actually the salvation for all. Otherwise, he might not have had the bright idea for Lane Pryce to fire him, Roger and Bert so they could all start a new agency. So Lane, who fired so many people to start the season, made his biggest firings of all as the new partners raced to escape Sterling Cooper.

In the process, the Mad Men season finale gave Don the chance to make peace with both Roger and Peggy, whom he has fought with all season. Pete and Harry also joined up, but of course, the job wasn’t done until Joan came by to get things moving. But although Don has a new work home, his home with Betty and the kids was officially shattered forever.

The Mad Men season finale may have taken fans by surprise in many ways. After the intense revelations and confrontations of the last several weeks, there was actually a lighter, comedic mode this time. Many critics compared the Mad Men season finale to a heist movie, as Matthew Weiner actually dared to end this dark, turbulent season with a bit of hope.