Preventing Diabetes By Means of a Free Glucose Meter

When you need to measure the levels of sugar or glucose in your blood what you need is a glucometer, also called the glucose meter. There is no denying that diabetes is common in the United States, not when it afflicts up to 8 of the populace.

If you are one of these people, then it is recommended to check your glucose levels at regular intervals, possibly on a daily basis. The glucose meter certainly comes in handy at such a time.

Poor choice of foods and feeding could cause diabetes, however the condition is mostly genetic. Stress and lack of exercise can also contribute to the occurrence of the disease. Sufferers of this disease are usually required to take insulin injections in order to keep the blood sugar level within acceptable limits. Major health side effects would naturally result from a failure to maintain blood sugar levels like this. Many people consider the disease a silent killer because it often causes the levels of glucose in the blood to rise or drop rather involuntarily.

Using a glucose meter is fairly simple and the reading can usually be obtained within seconds. This is how you take a reading:

– Use a lancet or some other pointed piece of metal to prick your finger and draw a tiny bit of blood.

– Placing a small drop of blood on a test strip.

– Next, you produce the meter and insert the strip in it.

– Reading the display on the meter.

For those who take insulin injections, it is generally recommended to measure the glucose level before eating and also before going to sleep.

Using the glucose meter is something that certain patients aren’t too keyed up about, especially since it requires drawing blood. Pain or the sight of their own blood would keep such folks from employing the contraption. Interestingly, only very little blood is involved at all in the testing process. The lancet can be regulated so as to vary the depth of the metal piece that penetrates the skin. That aside, you could draw the blood from other parts of your body and not necessarily your finger; and you don’t have to worry about scarring either.

Many years ago, blood glucose meters were very bulky and expensive devices that were only found in hospitals. Glucose meters these days are however much cheaper and at times even offered free of charge. When they are free, the meters would often come with lancets and strips to last you a few days.

The Diabetes One Touch Meter from Quality Health is one place you could get your own free glucose meter from if you needed one. When applying for a free blood glucose meter, make sure that you fill in all the information in the online form and that the information submitted is correct.

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