Singing bowls and meditation bells explained – The Modern Day Advantages.

Music and yoga are intrinsically connected but thats obvious. Since olden ages, crystal singing bowls have been considered to be an integral part of yoga and himalayan bowls, sometimes called tibetan sginging bowls. Music is believed to have a profound effect on the human body, the senses and on the nervous system. Thus right kind of music, by inducing the right mood, takes an individual’s senses to a state of tranquility, where he may experience the timeless peace. Meditation Music also sets up the proper ambiance by preventing the disrupting sound to reach the practitioner’s mind. At the same time, the soothing rhythm, by calming the mind, elevates it to a higher realms of consciousness. Examples can be found at and

There are different record label companies which offers a variety of yoga and meditation music collection and Spirit Voyage is one of them. Spirit Voyage have myriad of Yoga DVD and CD collection in store. A Hundred Blessings by Mirabai Ceiba, Kundalini Meditation by Harijiwan Khalsa, An Ancient Muse by Loreena McKennitt are some of the latest inclusion in Spirit Voyage Music. There are several newly added Yoga DVD collection, like Light of the Shabad Guru by Yogi Bhajan, Postnatal Yoga with Shiva Rea DVD by Shiva Rea are few among the many.

Spirit Voyage, is not only a pioneer online yoga music store, but also offers different accessories, books and apparels for yoga and meditation. The yoga wear offered by the company are all stitched in natural fibers which offer full comfort to a practitioner. The clothes are all white. Since white absorbs all other colors, it is considered to be the source of radiant energy, which is good for the psyche and the nervous system of a yoga practitioner. Moreover, these apparels does not cling to the body, allowing the practitioner to stretch and flex his body parts at ease.

Different yoga accessories offered by Spirit Voyage includes yoga mats, yoga and meditation rugs, meditation cushions, posters and pictures. Each of these accessories attributed with specific characteristics that perfectly complement yoga and meditation sessions.

The yoga mats are of great use as these cushion the practitioner against the hard flooring, but keeps the body of the practitioner warm. The Extra thick yoga mats, extra thin mats and regular yoga mats offered by Spirit Voyage, are available in a variety of colors like green, red, blue, orange, pink, purple, chocolate, black and orchid. Sticky blend of microfiber and natural rubber of these mats offer a better grip for practicing different asanas.

Be it any Yoga form, Ashtanga Yoga or Kundalini Yoga or Hatha Yoga, the Yoga and meditation rugs by Spirit Voyage assists a practitioner to carry out the yoga asanas with ease. By absorbing perspiration, these singing bowls prevent slipping on the hardwood floors. These are tightly-woven with thick weave cotton fibers. Available in multi-color stripes the yoga and the meditation rugs and meditation bells from Spirit Voyage are perfect accessory for meditation as well.

Meditation Malas and Audio Instruction CDs are also the part of Spirit Voyage yoga accessories. The Yoga Audio instructions CDs help a yoga practitioner to discover various insights on yoga and meditation. While the meditation malas are of great use for calming the mind and senses and healing the inner self. These malas can be used in either hand and when the beads are rotated with the specific mantra chants, it brings clarity and harmony to the mind, especially in turbulent situations.

Spirit Voyage Yoga Zone offers uniquely designed meditation cushions. The cosmic cushions are so designed that it tilts the hips slightly forward, helping the practitioner to maintain the upright posture for the lower back. The tapering wings of the cushions support the entire length of the thighs during long meditations. The central cutout allows the heels to rest naturally close to the body. Zafu Inflatable Cushion by Spirit Voyage are light weighing, durable and washable. Available in myriad colors, these cushions offer extra lumbar support.

Zafu Buckwheat Cushion is a perfect companion for meditation and tibetan singing bowls. It is a pleated round cushion, filled with buckwheat hulls that mold to the practitioner’s body and provide cushioning and insulation. These cushions also have convenient handle for carrying as well.

Posters and Pictures from Spirit Voyage is a part of the wide array of accessory collection. Prosperity Mandala Poster and Kundalini Yoga Poster are the accessories which aids in meditation. Prosperity Mandala Poster rightly complements the meditation session and induces prosperous growth. The meditation details are printed on the bottom of the poster for easy and immediate use. 24 inches x 36 inches, Kundalini Yoga Poster is printed on acid free poster stock. In this Poster, Kundalini yoga teacher Jeanine Marzella have demonstrated 36 key Kundalini Yoga poses. The words on the bottom indicate the benefits of practice; awareness, flexibility, grace and strength.

Spirit Voyage yoga music CDs and DVDs incorporates the peaceful and melodious voice of famous artistes like Snatam Kaur, WAH!, Deva Premal, Nirinjan Kaur, Satkirin Kaur Khalsa and many others. Through the various melodious pieces, chants, hymns and mantras, Spirit Voyage tends to infuse devotional thoughts within the listening mind. Spirit Voyage music inhibits the wandering mind, lifts up the spirit, soothes and rejuvenates the body.

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