Sister Wives Season Finale

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Do you believe about the statement, “Right couple, wrong wedding date?” This will be theme of the season ender of Sister Wives.

While some media outlets have been reporting that “Sister Wives” star Kody Brown married his fourth wife, Robyn, this past weekend, TLC confirmed to CNN that the pair actually married back in May. Brown, his wives and their kids are the subjects of the TLC series which follows their day-to-day lives. The super-sized Utah family is also the target of a criminal investigation for alleged felony bigamy.

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The family has said they agreed to allow cameras to chronicle their lives to dispel some of the myths about the polygamous lifestyle. Brown is legally married to only his first wife, Mary (the other marriages are recognized by the church). But, the laws in his area state that charges can be brought if a person lives as a spouse with another person while being married to someone else. TLC says the wedding between Brown and fourth wife Robyn will be featured on the series finale.

They’ve made it official: “Sister Wives” star Kody Brown and his girlfriend, Robyn Sullivan, got hitched in May, E! Online reports. Sullivan joins Brown’s first three wives, Meri, Janelle and Christine. With her three children from a previous marriage, the Brown family now has 16 kids, four wives and one patriarch.

Though the ceremony won’t be aired on their TLC reality show, the reception will be featured in the “Sister Wives” season finale. The first season of “Sister Wives” has followed Brown as he courted Sullivan, who was to be the fourth wife in his already supersized family.

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