The absolute best coffee to use in a French Press

I have been a coffee addict for almost 20 years. I first began drinking coffee in college in order to stay awake for the late night study sessions. I think if it weren’t for coffee I would’ve definitely failed many of my classes. Back then I chose whatever coffee was cheapest; Folgers, Maxwell House or anything of the multitude of cheap off brands. I definitely did not have a refined palate. Anything that would give me that boost of caffeine would work just fine. But, now after 20 years of work and the trials and tribulations of life I have come to the realization that life is short. Why waste my time drinking crap coffee.

In my professional career I have worked for five companies. And, each of those companies offered some sort of free coffee in the kitchen. You have the small mom and pop operation who would pickup whatever was on sale at the grocery store that day to the large national company with a food contract with a local distributor. The quality of the free coffee in all cases has always been in question; that and what I always found is whoever was unlucky enough to drink the last of a pot got to brew the next pot.

Now, you and I both know that people’s taste in coffee varies greatly. Some people like weak coffee, some people like coffee that will grow hair on your chest. Either way I could never count on having a consistently tasty cup of coffee. That is until I found the French Press. Now, every morning I get to my cube, pour in a measured amount of coffee grounds, carry the press to the hot water dispenser to fill it, bring it back to my desk and wait. After only 5 minutes I insert the plunger and press down. Viola, fresh brewed coffee with a consistent fantastic taste that cannot be beat. There are three pieces that make up a great coffee experience: the aroma of the dry grounds, the heavenly smell of the brewing pot and the mind blowing tremendous taste of the final product. The French pressed coffee bean cannot be beat in either experience or taste. And, over the past two years I have experimented on different types of grind and bean to use.
Now you can benefit from my trials and get the best taste immediately. There are two to three different types of coffee that will make the whole process exquisite. If you are a dark roast lover you will want to try the New York Dark Roast grind from Coffee or Less. And, right now they have a promotion going on for Free Shipping On Orders Over $50 . If you aren’t a dark roast type of person; I would recommend Timothy’s Kona Blend or the Parisian Blend. You can’t go wrong with either. Another great option to grind up for your French press would be the Sumatran Sunset Coffee.