Using WordPress in Creating a Website

As the popular proverb says, “We must keep up with the times to ensure excellence.” This saying can be readily applied to what we are experiencing nowadays. The modern technology we are now enjoying has really made our lives easier. Perhaps the most defining invention this century has is the birth of the World Wide Web, or simply put, the Internet. Born from the interconnected computers from a science laboratory, the Internet has made our world smaller and has opened us to the global community.

The Internet has opened the information super highway that provided us with quick details about something. The Internet also redefined how business and trade are done. Online shops are now mushrooming and businessman can now deal with their clients spanning thousands of miles of waters and land. To keep up with this technology, one would find it very necessary to create a new website. Whether it will be used for business, providing information, blogging, or simply for pleasure, having a website of your own can be very useful. The process of creating a website itself must be fun and hassle-free. If you want to create one in no time at all, then WordPress is the best way.

WordPress started in 2003 originally intended to help people build and write blogs. To cater to the growing demands of the consumer, it has evolved into a full content management system. It is the successor of the b2/cafelog. Their publishing system was built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL. Although WordPress may be considered young in the field of webmaking, they trace their roots and development as early as 2001. WordPress is also known for their stability and their capacity to deliver promising and competent results.

WordPress offers a lot more than any other website makers can offer you. It is a hundred percent Open Source, meaning hundreds of people are working and benefits from it because it’s free. It is also user-friendly. Even if you are a beginner and don’t know much about web making, WordPress will not drive you nuts with dense technical terminologies. Instead, they will provide you with concise and easy-to-follow step by step procedures. When you finally want to beautify your website, you can use their built-in visual editor that is also proven to be user-friendly. Not only that, you could include widgets on your page which could all be rearranged without having to edit the Php or HTML code. Templates are also easy to use here, and they can be customized to fit your taste. If you want to install themes and switch them sometimes, this is still very possible.

With WordPress, the content and layout of your webpage is guaranteed to be separated. It offers integrative link management, and with fast and accurate search engines. WordPress even provides you the freedom to assign multiple and interconnecting categories to the articles that your website may contain. WordPress also backs up the TrackBack and PingBack standards, in case you want to display links to other sites which are related or linked in an article. Finally, WordPress contains a rich plug in architecture that allows users, as well as the developers, to customize its functionality. This enables you to perform tasks that are needed by a certain webpage.

So if you are planning to create a webpage but aren’t sure how to do it. Don’t worry, because you can let WordPress do most of the work. With all of its amazing features, we are sure that your webpage will be something that you will be proud of.