What Supplements Help With Building Muscle Mass?

Today, bodybuilding is more popular than it has ever been. More than ever before men and women alike are on a quest to change their bodies. Millions of people go to gyms every day hoping to stimulate some changes in their bodies. The fitness boom has also led to the supplement boom. Supplement companies are constantly introducing new products to feed the needs of an ever growing niche, the bodybuilder wanting to gain muscle mass.

So what supplements can help you gain muscle?
Well, before you get to supplements you need to think about nutrition. Your nutrition plan will ultimately decide you fate when it comes to precious muscle tissue. A surplus of calories will be needed for increases in lean body weight. It is a fine line, too many calories can lead to excessive fat gain and too little calories will give you no results. Experimentation will be key in this venture. Play around with your fat, protein, and carb intake to see what suits your needs best.

Your muscles are made of amino acids, so it makes sense to supplement with protein powder or weight gainers. These days protein powders are more convenient than they used to be. They mix better and they taste better. Generally, you need about 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight for optimal results. For weight gainers, multiply your bodyweight by 15-20 to give you a general number of daily calories you need. You want to get as many calories as you can from real food, but that can be difficult at times, Use the weight gainer as needed to get the calories you need daily. These numbers is not set in stone. Experimenting with the type of protein and weight gainer used and the amounts of each will help you decide how much you actually need. The key will be consistent intake. If you only get enough protein one or two days per week, don’t expect results, you must be consistent.

Creatine is another supplement that will be beneficial if you are trying to gain muscle. The initial weight gain from creatine will be water. Along with this water retention will be better leverage and more strength. Recovery should be a bit better as well. In time, along with proper nutrition permanent muscle gain will be attained.

The above supplements are all you need to gain muscle. You do not need all the fancy supplements companies are now producing. Creatine, quality calories, and protein are all you need for results.

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