Why Slipcovers Can Make Your Life Easier

One of the quick and easy ways to save yourself a lot of money on having to buy new furniture is to simply add a set of slipcovers instead. Here are 5 different ways that furniture covers can make your life so much easier.

1. Eliminates Buying Expensive Furniture Or Having To Reupholster

In tough economic times like we live in today, finding ways to save money is important. And shelling out $2500 or more on a new couch and recliner is just not in everyone’s budget. A sofa slipcover can make the whole process unnecessary. There’s no need to get rid of the furniture simply because there is a stain in the fabric or a tear in the cushions, etc. It literally extends the life of the piece by years.

The same can be said with reupholstering. That is equally expensive, not to mention time consuming. It can take 4-8 weeks before you get your furniture back, which means your family has to find somewhere else to sit and relax.

2. Give Your Furniture A Brand New Look

Nothing affects your room decor like the look of your sofa, loveseat or different chairs. A slipcover can dramatically liven up the room in a whole new way. For example, in the Fall you can put on some new covers that have deep reds and yellows to match the theme of the season. It takes just minutes to do, and the cost is very inexpensive.

3. Protecting The Furniture With Children

If you have children, whether small or teens, then you know how accidents tend to happen quite often it seems. Drinks get spilled on the sofa, pizza and other foods fall off the plate, etc. It happens and there is little you can do. Well, putting a furniture cover on these pieces will prevent damaging the fabric.

A close friend of ours has been doing this for several years now. Her teenage sons always have their friends over and inevitably, something gets spilled. Fortunately, she uses slipcovers and has not ruined any of her furniture yet.

4. Match Up Your Mismatched Furnishings

This is another great way that these covers can be such a huge benefit. Most all of us have furniture that we’ve bought over the years that do not match up together. You may have bought a loveseat one year, then a new recliner a year or two later, and they don’t match. Well, you can now match it all up perfectly with a set of slipcovers.

5. Easy To Care For

This is another big reason to use furniture covers. They are so easy to care for. When they become dirty you only need to put them in your washing machine and they quickly come out looking new and fresh once again. It really is that easy.

These are only 5 of the bigger reasons for using slipcovers on your home furniture. Next, go to this website on Slipcovers where you will find helpful tips and information on everything to do with furniture covers. “http://www.slipcovertips.com”