AGM Batteries – A Battery Which Often Is Safe & Stress-Free

One of the newer types of batteries are AGM marine batteries. These are sealed battery in which there is an absorbed glass mats in between plates. It is made of a fiber, very fine, mat called boron-silicate glass. This marine battery has various advantages compared to gelled and flooded batteries.

Electrolyte is stored inside glass mats and even if it will be broken the acid will not spill. That simply means this is not perilous thus the cost of shipping is not expensive. Since it does not contain any liquid, it has a resistant over freezing damage.

All types of AGM marine batteries have generic recombination. That means inside this battery, hydrogen and oxygen are being recombine.

The voltage used in charging this battery is just the same with any usual battery. There making adjustment is not anymore necessary. No issues pertaining to incompatibility of chargers. When charging, overheating is does not occur even when left charged for a long time because it has a low internal resistance. Concorde battery has no limits on charging or discharging.

AGM batteries self-discharge very low. That means it can be stored for a longer period of time without charging unlike common batteries. AGM marine batteries are recharged even if not being used for thirty days.

Even after the advantages that were presented, standard flooded batteries are still on the go. This is because AGM batteries are three times more expensive than flooded batteries. In installing this battery, a standard deep cycle is economically a great deal.

The main advantages of AGM marine batteries is that there is no maintenance since it is very much sealed against any leakage and can be installed in any area. It does not spill when it is broken, no fumes, and has the capability to survive in freezing areas. This battery is easy to handle and it’s hassle-free.

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