Backpacking – The new idea of Vacation?

That’s the goal of almost every young person and also of many older representatives of our species: Travel the world, seeing all the brilliant spots or hidden gems and meeting new people. This way of spending ones holidays has become more and more famous today. Starting on a specific point and go to all places you like to, stay there if it’s pleasant and leave if you want to see more. That’s backpacking, that’s the feeling of ease. But as the word Backpacking says, you need a rucksack.

Most people who start thinking about a longer tour unlike the standard two week vacations in a beach resort, don’t think about how to carry everything. Normally you put everything in a big handbag or case which you have to carry in the worst case from the airport to your hotel. On a backpacking tour you often have to carry your luggage the whole day, at least if you want to be flexible. The big question is: What backpack should you take? Everybody has a normal daypack around at home, but this won’t be enough. Such a little rucksack combined with a case or big pack is really bad to transport. So you need a big backpack with much space and in the best case a comfortable carrying system.

The modern backpacks offer you a system that puts most of the weight on your hips, away from your shoulders. As the rucksacks on such a journey can’t be called lightweight, this is really important for your back. Everybody who carried a heavy backpack for a longer distance will confirm that. In that way the backpack won’t hurt and disturb you. When you’re going to buy your “travel companion” make sure to pay attention to this feature.

A disadvantage of the more comfortable backpacks with the mentioned carrying systems is that they have many buckles and clips that can be damaged on the flight. So also look for backpacks with a possibility to hide the carrying system. So you can use the rucksack as a normal bag for other journeys and it won’t get damaged on the transport to your destination.

If you’re wondering what size your rucksack should have, don’t make the mistake to buy a too small one. It’s not advisable to take to much with you, but have some free space just for the case is never bad. The size you should think about tend from 60-80 liter backpacks plus a daypack with about 20 liter storage room, if it’s not already included in your backpack.

There is another decision you have to make: Should it be a normal trekking backpack or a case like backpack. The trekking backpack is in simple words a sack. You can pack it in most cases just trough the main opening and sometimes trough a second little hole. So if you need something on the ground of the backpack, you have to take out all the stuff above this item.

The advantage of such a rucksack is said to be a better feeling on your back, but today there aren’t that big differences to the other sort of backpacks. This ones can be opened like a case. They are like a backpack but when you drop them you can open them entirely with a zipper. It depends on your idea of traveling what kind of backpack is the right for you. Try different variants before you buy and after that, have fun on your journey.

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