Certification for Teachers in Indonesia

Definition of certification for teachers in the position described in the Minister of National Education (Permendiknas) Republic of Indonesia No. 18 Year 2007 About Teacher Certification Position In chapter 1, paragraph 1, the following quotation:

“Sertifikasi bagi guru dalam jabatan adalah proses pemberian sertifikat pendidik untuk guru dalam jabatan.”

“Certification for in-service teacher educators is the process of granting certificates to teachers in the office.”

The certificate itself has meaning in general as follows:
“The sign or letter (statement) written or printed from the authorized person who can be used as proof of ownership or an event”

Definition of educator certificate is described as follows:

“Educator certificate is a certificate signed by a college organizer certification as evidence of formal recognition of the professionalism of teachers is given to teachers as professionals.”

Certificates given to teacher educators who have met the professional standards of teachers. Educator certificate is essentially the same as with the certificates in general as a professional certificate issued by the Institute of Professional Certificates (LSP). The difference educator certificates issued by the government for teachers who have met or exceeded the standards set while a professional certificate awarded to those who have a particular profession and has met the standard according to their respective fields. Lots of LSPs that are currently formed, including LSP Geomatics, Telematics LSP, LSP Tourism, etc.

How to obtain Certificates of Educators

Not all teachers are certified educators before they become certified teachers until they graduate with teacher certification requirements have been met or exceeded the standards set.
To achieve educator certificate can be done through competency test. Competency test can be done in two ways: through portfolio assessment and follow the education and professional training of teachers to pass exams. It has been disclosed in the Minister of National Education (Permendiknas) Republic of Indonesia No. 18 Year 2007 About Teacher Certification In Position (Tentang Sertifikasi Guru Dalam Jabatan)