Immunity Boosters Facilitating Bone Fracture Healing

The process by which our body fights infection by resisting the invasion of different microbes is called immunity. The immune system of our body fights these invasions mainly by two ways. In the non specific defence mechanism our skin acts as barrier to the invasions by different microbes. When the pathogens enter our body through some injuries, our WBC cells counter attack them.

A more specific defence mechanism forms the second line of defence.. Protein cells called antibodies are produced by our body. These protein cells inactivate the germ cells.

Diseases are caused by the poor resistance power of the body which needs to get enhanced.. So to boost the immunity of the body a person needs to follow a healthy diet and also get vaccinated at the right time. The goodness of natural herbs have been brought in a bottle by ayurveda and Chinese medicine to promote immunity..

A strong immune system not only helps the body to fight against pathogenic invasions but also helps the body to heal fast even when infected Like in bone fracture healing where a good immune system facilitates the fast healing of a fractured bone.

The total process of bone fracture healing depends upon the extent of injury and the angle of fracture While rest and surgery may facilitate healing, a fracture ultimately heals through physiological processes The extent of healing is mainly determined by the formation of the connective tissues around the bone. The connective tissue is a source of precursor cells which are essential to the healing of bones It is only when there is a constant production of the precursor cells that an easy and natural healing of the bones will be possible. This can be ensured by the intake of some immunity boosters.

One of the naturally occurring immunity booster is turmeric. Turmeric not only helps in healing infections but also increases the production of antibodies A natural decongestant like eucalyptus oil helps to eliminate nasal congestion. Betel too has properties of an immunity booster. Betel leaves have also been found to have decongestant properties.

Onion, garlic and ginger too have medicinal properties and are used in the cure of various diseases. Files are being made of these therapeutic properties of the natural immunity boosters. Echinacea blend antibiotic formula, Bone-Comp Deep/anti inflammatory formula is some of the recent additions to the cart of herbs which can boost immunity.

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