Various Popular And Free Wallpapers

From the time of Renaissance, wallpapers are in use Initially used for decorating the interiors of homes and offices, now its use has gained popularity in the field of multimedia. The first multimedia background of grey and white were developed in 1975 at Xerox PARC. Presently full screen images used as computer wall papers are raster graphics. The most commonly used formats in multimedia are JPEG and PNG. .

A wide range of wall papers are available like pictures of cars, famous personalities, animals, babies and personal photos. Company guidelines and commercial logos are used as computer screen savers in business establishments.

There is a demand for free wall papers as computer screen savers. An increase in wallpaper demand started with the internet becoming popular, and larger number of people starting to use the web. As the desktop monitors had to stay on most of the time, the images that were shown up on screens remained even when the screen was turned off. This resulted in ” burn-in”. The free screen saver companies solved this problem and thus came to flourish.

As people were able to flaunt their feelings freely through their screen savers , free wall paper downloads became popular.As such the popularity of free screensavers continues to grow.

Some of the popular free screen savers available are-3d wall papers, Independence day wall papers etc.Holiday themes too are quite in use. Screen savers are also used to express ones feelings. Other holiday themed screensavers enjoyed by computer users include Christmas screensavers, themes of gods and goddesses, Parent’s day and family screensavers, Diwali and Holi screensavers, as well as 4th of July Screensavers and other National day screensavers.These wallpapers are often rendered more lifelike because they are in high definition. High definition renders life into these wall papers.Hence these HD wallpapers are just as popular as the free wallpapers . The more recent 3D-themes in which images jump out from the screen are a big hit just as free animated wallpapers have become popular. Computer screen savers have become popular with the kids too with the use of pictures of their pet animals.

As personal feelings of individuals can also be expressed through the wall papers so, they have become popular.

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