The correct way to Tie A Bow Tie

There are some occasions when you just have to know the way to tie a bow tie. We’ve all been there, the big daya marriage, or a formal party in which you’ve got to dress your best and impress the people in life who matter most to you. You take a warm shower, make sure you are fresh shaven and apply the finest cologne prior the donning that fine blazer and then, yup, that thing. That thing your mother always did for you or acquired a clip-on version to save some time on sunday mornings before church, the scary bow tie! I’m going to help you ensure you look your very best regardless of not being familiar with tying a bow tie.
Now I know what you need to be thinking, how on earth am I supposed to learn how to tie a bow tie without having the ability to totally see it? Well the answer to that lies in those things on your feet, no not your socks, your shoes! When you were young you always had to have a look at your laces as you tied them and perhaps you required your mom around even more than i did as you learned. But after a bit it became 2nd nature and now I may bet you don’t even look. So how do you gain a visual vantage point from which to tie that bow tie of yours? I have a mirror in my bathroom, and I’ll bet you have one in yours!
Now, stand to the front of the mirror with your collar up and bring the tie around your neck with each end draped down similarly. Make sure there aren’t any folds in the tie before you proceed. Now, take the tie draped down on your left-hand side and pull it down with your left hand an in. and a half, then pull the left-hand side over the right, and then push the left side under the right ( as you would when you start tying your shoe laces ) and then pull the tie tight.
At about that point the bow tie should be longer on one side than the other, and there should be the beginning of a knot like that you would see when you begin tying your shoes. You have successfully made it halfway thru learning how to tie a bow tie! Now things are soon to be a bit tough so show patience and proceed slowly.
After this form the front loop of the bow by doubling up the shorter end and make sure your collar points overlap. Hold the loop with your left hand and drop the long end down in front, now place your right pointing finger on the bottom half of the hanging section of the tie. By now the shorter end of the tie should be horizontal and the longer end should be hanging in front of it.
Pass the behind loop up behind the front loop and push the resulting loop through the knot behind the front loop. Even the tie out and tighten to your directions. You have just learned the easiest way to tie a bow tie perfectly and can now go on to impressing your acquaintances and family, confident that you look your very best!