The Undisputed Benefits of Healthy Coffee Article Marketing

There is no question about the effectiveness of article marketing for building a business in many different ways. We want to share about three excellent benefits to article marketing, and we hope you’ll put them into action.

There are uses for article marketing that will create a great side benefit of increasing the PR (page rank) of your site. Not only can you do that, but as you may know articles can be great for backlinking purposes, too. Besides that, you can use blogs or sites that publish articles and also pass along page rank to your site. There are all kinds of situations when it comes to publishing your content with a link back, and maybe the best way is to comment on blogs or find gigs as a guest writer. It can take time finding a site that will allow you to guest blog/write; and that’s why many people just submit to article directories.

Engaging in backlink creation is yet another purpose a lot of internet marketers have found for the mighty article. There are many ways you can acquire backlinks that are relevant, but with article marketing you get the best results because most of the article directories are viewed as authority sites. Acquiring backlinks from as many directories as you can will help you in your SEO efforts.

Avoid neglecting the tons of keywords available for your market, there are more than you realize, and then just write your articles for as many as possible. Let’s take the example of the dog training market, there are literally thousands of keyword phrases aand possiblities for articles; probably more than you would ever want to write. Each article, in an article directory, will have a resource/bio box, and it’s important to select only those keywords relevant to that article to use as link anchor text. Backlinks in the form of articles residing in directories will help you in your SEO.

Article marketing is not limited to publishing your articles in directories. Ok, do this – publish all your articles on your site/blog, and then after they’re indexed in the search engines, then submit them to as many article directories as you please. You’ll find that people will come from all points to read your articles, but only if they’re worth reading. You always want to have a positive relationship with your market audience, and you can use articles to help you do that. All in all, the above benefits clearly show us that article marketing is going to stay for a long time. The really nice thing about it is that even if you’re inexperienced, you can learn about it and use it very effectively. The bottom line is that it works extremely well – so there you go.

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